• Dalmatic is a long narrow wide-sleeved tunic made of strong fabric. It was worn in Ancient Rome in the 8th – 5th centuries BC. In Byzantine the dalmatic was considered a ceremonial vestment made of brocade. For Byzantine emperors the dalmatic was made of expensive red cloth decorated with gold and precious stones.

  • Dolichnik (clothes-painter) is an artist mastering vestment, pictorial scenery and other icon details, except faces; they were, in their own turn, divided into:
    (plant painter)
    (an artist painting vestment and other details)

  • Deesis – an icon or a group of icons with central depiction of Christ and the Virgin and John the Baptist (mandatory figures) shown facing towards Christ in a devotional attitude. The Deesis may also include other saints (archangels, apostles, great martyrs, the Biblical prophets).