• Our Lady of Tenderness with the Selected Saints

    The centerpiece represents shoulder-length depiction of the Mother of God keeping the Divine Child close to her (iconographic depiction of Our Lady of Vladimir). They are surrounded by the waist-length saints. Above is depicted the Deesis composition with the Savior Not Made by Hands.
  • Tenderness

    The shoulder-length figure of the Mother of God with the Child pressed on Her cheek.
  • Our Lady with the Divine Child

    The icon belongs to the iconographic type of the Virgin Mary of Tenderness. Our Lady is depicted waist-length.In Her left arm she holds the Divine Child who presses His cheek to Her Cheek. In Her right hand she is holding an open scroll. Italian influence is felt in the composition and manner of painting.
  • Our Lady of Tenderness, with the Selected Saints

    In the centerpiece is depicted the Mother of God with the Divine Child Who presses His face to Her cheek and touches the hem of Her omophorion with His hands as if willing to unveil Her neck. His right leg is bent so that his foot can be seen. The Mother of God embraces the Divine Child with both Her hands and covers Him with the wrinkle of the omophorion. The centerpiece is surrounded with the half-figures of the saints in the aureoles. The selected saints on the borders of the icon are represented according to the hierarchy corresponding to the commemoration order of the Universal Church during the liturgy (archangels, prophets, apostles, sainted hierarchs, martyrs and others). The most significant figure represented in the central part of the upper border is John the Baptist.
  • Our Lady of Tenderness

    The centerpiece depicts the Mother of God with the Divine Child (iconographic type of Eleusa). The borders of the icon show the scenes from the life of the Holy Virgin.