Our Lady of Tenderness, with the Selected Saints

Iconography:  Our Lady of Tenderness, Selected saints

Date: XV century. Second half of the 15th c.

Origin: From the Pokrov monastery in Suzdal

Material: Wood, canvas, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 66,5 cm, width 54,5 cm

In the centerpiece is depicted the Mother of God with the Divine Child Who presses His face to Her cheek and touches the hem of Her omophorion with His hands as if willing to unveil Her neck. His right leg is bent so that his foot can be seen. The Mother of God embraces the Divine Child with both Her hands and covers Him with the wrinkle of the omophorion. The centerpiece is surrounded with the half-figures of the saints in the aureoles. The selected saints on the borders of the icon are represented according to the hierarchy corresponding to the commemoration order of the Universal Church during the liturgy (archangels, prophets, apostles, sainted hierarchs, martyrs and others). The most significant figure represented in the central part of the upper border is John the Baptist. 

The saints represented on the borders: 

1. John the Baptist 

2. Archangel Michael 

3. Archangel Gabriel 

4. Apostle Peter 

5. Apostle Paul 

6. John of “the Goldenmouth” 

7. St. Basil the Great 

8. Gregory the Theologian 

9. Nicholas the Wonderworker 

10. Martyr Artemius 

11. Martyr prince Boris 

12. Great martyr Nicetas 

13. Martyr prince Gleb 

14. Archdeacon Stephen the Protomartyr 

15. Martyr Florus 

16. Martyr Menas 

 17. Martyr Laurus 

18. St. Cosmas 

19. St. Damian 

 20. Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessaloniki 

 21. Great Martyr Parasceva, surnamed “Friday”

Inv. № № В-6300/68 И-707 

© The Vladimir-Suzdal History, Architecture and Art Museum and Reserve 

Bibliography: Иконы Владимира и Суздаля. М., 2006. № 7. С. 83-87. (Описание Е.В. Гладышевой)

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