(1615/18-1689/90) – a posad man (citizen), chief master of a Tikhvin monastery workshop. He supervised all most important iconographic works, distributing them among the monastery and posad icon-painters, who worked in the monastery on a contract basis. His icons decorated all Tikhvin churches, primarily, the iconostases and interiors of the churches of the Great Tikhvin Monastery. As an icon-painter, he was well-known outside Tikhvin – in Kirillov, Olonets, Novgorod and Moscow. Rodion Sergeev worked extensively in the northern monasteries, such as Aleksandro-Svirsky, Troitsko-Zelenetsky, Kirillo-Belozersky convents, also executing commissions from individual clients. He was frequently summoned to Novgorod’s Archbishop Cornelius to paint icons for his home church, and make murals in the House of St. Sophia. He executed annual commissions from the Russian Tsar, Novgorod and Moscow boyars, stolniks of famous people, clerks and other officials. Rodion Sergeev was highly valued as a fresco-painter: in company with Novgorod’s masters he painted churches in Svirya, Zelenets, Tikhvin and Novgorod. He was also known as a miniature-painter and the author of tales of the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin. In the manuscripts of the Tikhvin monastery we find evidence of the number of icons created by the master in his lifetime. For fifty years of work in the monastery workshop, Rodion Sergeev painted about 500 “palm-size” icons, 300 gosudarevy (“Tsar-commissioned”) icons, fifty big temple and local icons for the churches of Tikhvin and Aleksando-Svirsky monasteries, fifteen holy gates, several side gates of the iconostases, kyots for churches, towers and barbican churches. Survived works by Rodion Sergeev include: 1. Rodion Sergiev and Mikhail Korovnikov. The Holy Virgin Embodiment. 1654. State Russian Museum. 2. The Vision of John Climacus. 1661, State Russian Museum. 3. The Vision of Reverend Niphontus. 1661, State Russian Museum. 4. The Vision of the Righteous Soul, 1661, State Russian Museum. 5. The Miracles of the Icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin, the 1660s. State Russian Museum. 6. The Vision of Blessed Eulogy, 1661. State Tretyakov Gallery. 7. Our Lady of Tikhvin, with 26 scenes of miracles. 1678 . Novgorod open-air museum.