The icons named so represent one of the most famous miracles accomplished by great martyr George the Victorious.

There are various versions of the miracle with the dragon. They are all probably related to the old oral tradition of Asia Minor.

Old Russian literature historians think that “Miracle …” was already known in Russia in the 11th century. In Russian tales there are two versions of the miracle with the dragon. According to the first one the miracle took place before the torture of the martyr and the second one tells us that it was accomplished after his death so the miracle with the dragon is complemented with the miracle of the saint’s life. The version of “the miracle after the death” is much shorter but the described events have the same point. First version tells us about the emperor of the city of Lasia Selinus who worshiped Apollo, Heracles, Scamandrus and Artemis. The Lord sends adversity to the city: in the lake near the city «возгнедися» змей «сии речь дьявол кровопивец». The emperor tries in vain to conquer the dragon with his army; then he suggests that his people sacrifice to the dragon their children, both rich and poor, including himself as well. When the people gave their consent the emperor prepares his daughter to death; but then he repents of this and offers to bail her out to save her life but the people refuse. So the maiden was thrown to the dragon. „В то время случися греческому войску от перския брани возвратитися с победою, в них же бе храбрый воин, именем Георгий". By God’s decree he was the only one who turned to the lake and saw the maiden. The maiden talked him into hurrying away but he promised her his help if she accepted Jesus Christ. The answer of the maiden made George understand that her father persecuted the Christians. George summons the heavens’ help and hears the heavenly voice that encourages him. The dragon appears from the lake and spreads the poison towards George; the saint adjures him by the name of God and the dragon starts licking his feet. By George’s decree the princess takes the dragon to the city tied to her belt. The citizens disperse in horror. George suggests that they accept God promising to kill the dragon otherwise he will set it free. When George kills the dragon the emperor appeals to God with a grateful prayer. The bishop Alexander summoned up by George baptizes forty thousand people in 15 days. The spring healing all infirmities starts flowing out of the ground. George leaves the city flanked by the people shedding tears. The emperor builds a church in George’s honor and czarevna baptized as Maria commits herself to God.