Christ in Majesty

Iconography:  Christ in Majesty

Date: XVII century. Second half of the XVIIth century

Iconographic school/art center:  Kholmogorskaya and Vazhskaya eparchy (Mezen)

Origin: from the Nikolskaya church in the village of Koynas, Leshukonsky distric, Archangelskaya region (1657)

Material: Wood, canvas, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 70,5 cm, width 70,4 cm

The icon from the Deesis tier of iconostasis. The depiction of Christ Pantocrator enthroned and surrounded by the heavenly host. His right hand  is raised in blessing and His left hand  is holding  an open Gospel book. The figure of the Savior is surrounded by the glorious halo in the shape of two rhombuses, ellipse and quadrangle. In the corners of the quadrangle are depicted four apocalyptic beasts – the angel, the lion, the calf and the eagle symbolizing the four evangelists.

Registration number ДРЖ-449. © State Museum Association «Art Culture of the Russian North»

Иконы Русского Севера. Шедевры древнерусской живописи Архангельского музея изобразительных искусств. М., 2007. Т. 2. № 147. С. 212-215.

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