Martyr Cristopher

Iconography:  Christophorus the martyr, St.

Date: XVII century. Late XVIIth – beginning of the XVIIIth century

Iconographic school/art center:  Pomorye (patrimony of the Solovetsky monastery)

Origin: was kept in the iconostasis of the Nikolsky side-chapel of the Dormition cathedral in the town Kem where was used as a sexton door. In 1903 was transferred from the Dormition cathedral to the Archangelskoye eparchial archives, then was deposited in the Archangelsky regional local history museum and in 1961 was given to AOMII. 

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 156 cm, width 58 cm

Full-length depiction of martyr Christopher with the cross in his left hand and a sword in his right hand.

Registration number ДРЖ-256. © State Museum Association «Art Culture of the Russian North»

Bibliography: Иконы Русского Севера. Шедевры древнерусской живописи Архангельского музея изобразительных искусств. М., 2007. Т. 2. № 180. С. 327.

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