Mother of God

Iconography:  Holy Virgin from the Deesis row

Date: XVI century.

Origin: were removed from the church of the Nativity of the Mother of God (1862) in the village of Ludy in the Primorsky distict of the Archangelskaya region

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 76,5 cm, width 31,5 cm

The icon from the Deesis row shows a full-length image of the Holy Mother represented in a three-quarter turn.

Registration number ДРЖ-922. © State Museum Association «Art Culture of the Russian North»

Иконы Русского Севера. Шедевры древнерусской живописи Архангельского музея изобразительных искусств. М., 2007.
Т. 1. № 18. С. 100

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