Mother of God Hodegetria with Saint Basil the Great

Iconography:  Basil the Great, Georgian icon of the Mother of God

Date: XVI century. 1527

Origin: was deposited from the church of Nativity of the Mother of God in the village of Berezhnaya Dubrova in the Plesetsky district, Archangelskaya region (1678)

Material: Wood, cut-back central portion, canvas, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 96 cm, width 65 cm

The waist-length depiction of the Holy Virgin holding the Divine Child in Her left hand. The head of the Mother of God is inclined to the Divine Child turning to Her, His left hand is holding a folded scroll and His right hand is blessing.  In the upper left corner of the icon against the golden background can be seen the half-figure of blessing saint Basil the Great with the Gospel book.  

Registration number ДРЖ-545. © State Museum Association «Art Culture of the Russian North»

Иконы Русского Севера. Шедевры древнерусской живописи Архангельского музея изобразительных искусств. М., 2007. Т. 1. № 31. С. 152.

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