Iconography:  Annunciation of the Most Holy Virgin

Date: XIX century. Second half of the 19th century.

Origin: Received by the museum in the 1970s from a scientific expedition around the Ivanovo region.

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera, gold

Dimensions:  height 48,5 cm, width 37 cm

John the Theologian is shown sitting with an open Gospel on his lap. His right hand is held at his lips. Behind his shoulder is the figure of an angel. Depictions of a lion – the symbol of Mark the Evangelist and an eagle as the symbol of John the Evangelist are very uncommon for this icon type.

Registration number ГМПИ 2974. ДИ-332-И. © The State Museum of Palekh Art


1. Палехская школа 1923-1950. Лаковые миниатюры иконописцев. Мюнхен, 2011. № 10. С. 41

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