Holy Virgin Hodegetria

Iconography:  Holy Virgin Hodegetria

Date: XIV century. 14th-15th centuries

Iconographic school/art center:  The Byzantine icon painting

Origin: From the treasure-trove found in 1978 in the monastery of John the Baptist

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 24,1 cm, width 18 cm

The Mother of God and the Divine Child are represented frontally in the monumental posture. The right hand of Our Lady depicted according to the tradition in the gesture of prayer as if showing the interceding people Christ as Savior of the humankind and future Judge of the world. The right hand of the Divine Child is blessing, the left hand is holding a scroll.

Inv. № 25350-6. © Pskov State United Historical, Architectural and Fine Arts Museum-Reserve

Bibliography: Васильева О.А. Иконы Пскова. М., 2006. № 8. С. 53.

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