The Nativity of Christ

Iconography:  Nativity of Christ

Date: XVI century. First half of the 16th century

Iconographic school/art center:  Pskov icon-painting school

Origin: From the church of Nicholas the Wonderworker in Lyubyatovo

Material: Wood, canvas, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 77 cm, width 56 cm

The centre of the composition depicts the caver with the manger where Child Jesus is lying and before the cavern is represented the Mother of God on the bed. Here are also depicted the ox and the donkey bending over the Divine Child. To the left are represented the three Magi with the Gifts, to the right – the shepherds attending to the annunciation of the angel. Above the cavern is depicted the quadrant with the ray emanating from it. In the lower tier are represented Joseph talking to the shepherd and the two women washing the Divine Child.

Inv. № 1597. © Pskov State United Historical, Architectural and Fine Arts Museum-Reserve

Bibliography: Васильева О.А. Иконы Пскова. М., 2003. № 39. С. 121.

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