Resurrection of Christ – the Descent into Hell with the feasts

Iconography:  Selected holidays, Resurrection

Date: XIX century. The late 19th century.

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 53 cm, width 44,5 cm

In the central part is the scene of the Resurrection of Christ, surrounded by festival scenes.

  1. The Nativity of the Mother of God
  2. The Entrance into the Temple
  3. The Annunciation
  4. The Nativity of Christ
  5. The Meeting of Our Lord
  6. The Epiphany
  7. The Entrance into Jerusalem
  8. The Transfiguration
  9. The Ascension
  10. The Old Testament Trinity
  11. The Elevation of the Cross
  12. The Dormition of the Holy Virgin

Received from the Vuchetich All-Union Industrial Art Combine in 1990.

Inv. № РЖ – 1993. © S.D.Erzi Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Mordovia


Русское искусство XVIII - XX века: живопись, икона, культовая деревянная скульптура, графика, скульптура: каталог. Т.1 / МРМИИ им. С.Д. Эрьзи; [редкол.: Л.Н. Нарбекова и др.; авт. - сост.: Т.В. Елисеева, Е.А. Вишнякова]. Саранск, 2009. № 111. С. 83.

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