The Deposition of the Venerable Vestment of Our Lady

Iconography:  Deposition of the Virgin's Girdle and Robe

Date: XVI century. Second half of the 16th c.

Origin: From the Rizopolozhensky monastery in Suzdal.

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 133 cm, width 108 cm

The icon depicts the Deposition of the Venerable Vestment of Our Lady in the church of Blachernae in the presence of the emperor and the patriarch venerating the relics. The tsar, the court, the patriarch and the clergy are shown standing frontally praying. Above the throne is the depiction of Our Lady of Vladimir with the pendant veil.

Inv. № В-6300/228. И-281

© The Vladimir-Suzdal History, Architecture and Art Museum and Reserve

Bibliography: Иконы Владимира и Суздаля. М., 2006. № 46. С.242-244. (Описание А.С. Преображенского).

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