Dormition of the Holy Virgin

Iconography:  Dormition of the Holy Virgin

Date: XVI century. Middle of the 16th century

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 113,5 cm, width 85,5 cm

The Dormition of the Holy Virgin is represented according to the most accurate iconographic version including the depictions of those taken to Jerusalem on the clouds by the angels to pay a last tribute to Our Lady, the Ascension of Our Lady Who is welcomed by the angels at the gates of paradise, the four saints staying at Her deathbed and also the scene of severing the hands of impious Hebrew Aufonius who tried to overthrow the deathbed of Our Lady during the funeral procession to Gethsemane. The angels depicted in the quadrant and the archangel severing the hands of Aufonius date back to the 19th century but apparently follow the original iconography. 

Inv. № В-2804 И-1100 

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Bibliography: Иконы Владимира и Суздаля. М., 2006. № 30. С.176-178. (Описание А.С. Преображенского).

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