Apostles Peter and Paul

Iconography:  Paul the Apostle, Peter the Apostle

Date: XV century. The second half of the 15th c.

Iconographic school/art center:  The Novgorod school, the Northern province.

Origin: From the Chapel of Elijah the Prophet in the village of Pyalma, the Pudozdhsky district.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 52,5 cm, width 32,5 cm

The slim figures of the saints are portrayed with disproportionally big heads. The style in which the bright and sparkling with color highlights clothes of the apostles are painted distinguishes itself from the background and the earth, noted for sharp contrast combination of large cinnabar surfaces and green color. This “patchwork” style is the evidence of the provincial origin of the icon.

Inv. № И-313. © Republic of Karelia Museum of Fine Arts

Bibliography: СD ROM «Иконопись Карелии». Музей изобразительных искусств Республики Карелия. 2002

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