Our Lady of Vladimir

Iconography:  Vladimir icon of the Mother of God

Date: XVI century. First half of the 16th c.

Origin: From the church of St. Andrew, "the First-called" Apostle of the Andreevsky pogost near the village Novosyolovo of Kirzhachsky district.

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 100 cm, width 74 cm

Our Lady is depicted with Child Jesus sitting on Her right hand. This icon may copy the iconography of early venerable versions. However the iconographer was not quite accurate due to poor condition of the archetype or the incasement covering the icon. Thus the left hand of the Divine Child which embraces Our Lady is covered with ochroid himation put on the shoulder. The brown omophorion with the golden hem can be seen between their inclined faces – just like the copies which show only one hand of the Divine Child. Furthermore, the iconographer may have decided to show his own version of the subject. He depicted Christ in the red blouse with a green belt instead of the traditional golden chiton.  

Inv. № В-7315 И-1245 

© The Vladimir-Suzdal History, Architecture and Art Museum and Reserve 

Bibliography: Иконы Владимира и Суздаля. М., 2006. № 28. С.172 (Описание Л.А. Щенниковой).

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