Resurrection, the Descent into Hell, with the feasts, passion and Gospel scenes

Iconography:  Passion cycle, Selected holidays, Resurrection

Date: XVII century. 1669

Origin: From the Church of St. George in Murom

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 113 cm, width 88 cm

The center of the icon represents the scene of the Resurrection – the Descent into Hell in an expanded iconographic redaction noted for a detailed interpretation of the key event, which includes additional episodes. The basic part of the centerpiece depicts the frontal figure of Jesus Christ standing on the broken gates of hell, Adam and Eve rising from the graves and a group of prophets led by John the Baptist to the right of the Savior. 

Inner border scenes: 

1. The Conception of the Mother of God 

2. The Nativity of the Mother of God 

3. The Entry of the Mother of God into the temple 

4. The Annunciation 

5. The Nativity of Christ 

6. The Meeting of the Lord 

7. Mid-Pentecost 

8. The Theophany 

9. The Transfiguration 

10. The Descent from the Cross 

11. The Deposition in the Tomb 

12. The Lamentation of Christ 

13. The Holy Trinity 

14. The Dormition of the Mother of God 

15. The Intercession of the Mother of God 

16. The Elevation of the Cross External 

Border scenes: 

1. The Holy Trinity with the attending Mother of God, John the Baptist and the angel council 

2. The Raising of Lazarus 

3. The Entry into Jerusalem 

4. The Last Supper 

5. The Washing of the Feet 

6. The Appearance of Jesus Christ to the Apostles after the Resurrection 

7. The Myrrh-bearing Women at the Holy Sepulcher 

8. The Appearance of Jesus Christ to Mary Magdalene 

9. The Appearance of the Angels to the Myrrh-bearing Women 

10. The Appearance of Christ to Cleopas and Luke on the way to Emmaus 

11. Christ shares bread with his disciples 

12. Peter and John find Christ’s tomb empty 

13. The Appearance of Jesus Christ to Mary Magdalene 

14. Christ appears to the Apostles through a closed window, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon them 

15. The Appearance of Jesus Christ on the Sea of Tiberias 

16. Peter confesses his love for Christ three times 

17. The Crucifixion 

18. The Descent into Hell 

19. The Resurrection 

Deposited in the Museum on March 4, 1935 

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