Holy gates

Iconography:  Half-doors of Holy Gates

Date: XVII century. The second half of the 17th century

Origin: From the Trinity Convent in Murom.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 179 cm, width 48 (вторая створка 50) cm

The figured multi-blade finial, typical of the 16th century, carries the traditional scene of the Annunciation, under it are the Evangelists writing the Gospels. On the left leaf is an image of St. John the Theologian with St. Prochorus and St. Luke, on the right are the images of Matthew and Mark. The Annunciation scene belongs to the frequently encountered in the 16th century the iconographic type of the standing Mother of God taking the right hand with a purple thread to the breast. The background represents a multitude of chambers with sharply-sloped finials. Presently, in the Holy Gates one can see several diachronous coats of paint. The basic coat represents the fragments of the 16th century painting depicting the face and contours of the figure of the Archangel Gabriel, the face of John the Theologian, a green chamber with a vaulted finial in the border panel portraying St. Matthew and some other details. The painting was obviously re-painted throughout the entire 17th century. The silver crowns and engraved plates date back to the mid-17th century or its second half. 

Deposited at the Museum in 1928. Restored in the Murom Museum in 1928 by I.I.Tyulin. 

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