Holy Virgin Hodegetria

Iconography:  Our Lady of Smolensk

Date: XVI century. The late 17th c.

Origin: From the left part of the sovereign tier of the iconostasis in a church of the Resurrection Convent.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 121 cm, width 98 cm

Traditional in the composition, the icon obviously belongs to the iconographic type known as Our Lady of Smolensk. A rare element of this artwork is the Infant Christ’s himation taken down to the waist and opening a light-green chiton with an ornamented clavus. The faces of the saints are noted for the profound and contemplative expression. 

Deposited in the Museum in 1930. From 1964 to 2004 the icon was kept at the Andrei Rublyov Museum. Restored in 2001-2003 at Inter-regional Scientific Restoration Art Department by G.S.Batkhel. 

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