Nicholas the Wonderworker

Iconography:  Nicholas (lap)

Date: XIII century. The late 13th – the first half of the 14th c.

Origin: From the Nikolonabarezhny Church

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 99 cm, width 74,5 cm

Nicholas the Wonderworker is portrayed full-length, wearing phelonion-polystravrion and omophorion. He is blessing with his left hand and is holding a closed Gospel with his right. On either side of the saint are full-length figures of Christ passing him a Gospel book, and the Mother of God holding omophorion with her left hand. In the upper corner of the icon is a large medallion with an inscription “О аг // иось” on a red background. The greater part of the icon has been restored (the saint’s face, the body, the hands, clothes, Christ’s figure, a background in the left part of the composition and the left medallion with an inscription. Icon layers – fine pearls on the bordering of clothes and a Gospel and dark ochre background, stylized face of large black letters in the upper corner (the earliest inscription in the medallion is “…колае”, the latest “чюдотворцъ”) possibly date back to the 17th – 19th centuries. An image of the Theotokos on a later insertion (17th century?) imitates the medieval composition. According to some evidence, the saint’s icon from the Nikolo-Naberezhny Church was considered to be miraculous in the 19th century. 

The icon came in to the museum in 1940. The restoration of the icon started in 1970 in the State Research Restoration Institute (GosNIIR). It was carried out by N.S.Bregman, E.M.Christie, Yu.A.Ruzavin.

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