Iconography:  Transfiguration of Our Lord

Date: XVII century. The end of the 16th c.

Origin: From the Voskresensko-Leshcheyevskaya church, Kadnikovsky uezd.

Material: Wood, canvas, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 100 cm, width 89 cm

In the upper part of the icon, Jesus Christ, dressed in a white vestment, is shown standing on the mountain peak against the dark-blue circle of glory and octangular red star symbolizing the Divine Light. To his right and left, on ledges of the hill stand prophets Elijah and Moses, supported by angels, who brought them for the conversation with the Savior. In the bottom part of the icon, by the base of rocky hills stand the apostles. Their poses represent the state of their minds. Peter looks at the shining Christ in a standing pose, Jacob prostrates himself covering his eyes with hands from the blinding light, John, as the youngest and impressionable, is falling head downwards.

Inv. NO ВОКМ 6134 © Vologda State Museum of History, Architecture and Art

  • General view
  • Christ surrounded by the prophets and angels
  • Apostles Peter, James and John
  • The Apostle Peter