Raising of Lazarus

Iconography:  Raising of Lazarus

Date: XVI century. The second half of the 16th century, 1560s

Origin: From the iconostasis of Cathedral of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin of the St. Antony monastery.

Material: Wood, tempera

Setting's material: Silver

Dimensions:  height 65,7 cm, width 55,2 cm

Jesus is shown by Lazar's cave. By his feet are Martha and Mary – Lazar’s sisters. Near the cave stand the Jews who came to make sure of the miracle. The swaddled body of Lazar is shown lying in the black hole of the cave. Behind Christ stands a group of the apostles.

Inv. № 2720. © Novgorod State United Museum

  • General view
  • Christ and the apostles
  • Christ and the apostles. A fragment
  • The figures of Lazar and the Jews. A fragment
  • The figures of Lazar and the Jews
  • Martha and Mary
  • The man opening the cave