Sophia, the Wisdom of God, with selected saints

Iconography:  Sophia, the Wisdom of God, Cosmas of Asia Minor, the Unmercenary, Damian of Asia Minor, the Unmercenary , Antipas of Pergamon, the Great Martyr, Guardian Angel

Date: XIX century. The end of the 19th c.

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 35,3 cm, width 31,4 cm

The figure of Sophia, the Wisdom of God with fiery-red face and wings, wearing a gold crown and fiery-golden vestment, is shown seated on the throne surrounded by symbolical figures of the Evangelists. Above it the angels hold a ceiling of stars. On either side of the throne stand the Mother of God and John the Baptist. On the borders are the figures of an angel and Sts. Antipas, Cosmos and Damian.

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  • Sophia, the Wisdom of God