Raising of Lazarus

Iconography:  Raising of Lazarus

Date: XV century. The third quarter of the 15th c.

Iconographic school/art center:  Novgorod school

Origin: From the Сhurch of the Dormition at Volotovo Pole near Novgorod

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 89,5 cm, width 60 cm

From the festival row. Jesus Christ is shown by Lazarus’s cave. By his feet are Lazarus’s sisters - Martha and Mary. Near the cave stand the Jews who came to see the miracle. The gravestone covering the entrance into the cave is moved away, with those present covering their noses with handkerchiefs to protect themselves from the smell of the “four-day” body of Lazarus. The swaddled body of Lazarus is shown in the black deep of the cave, symbolizing death and inferno.

Inv. № 10913. © Novgorod State United Museum


Иконы Великого Новгорода XI - начала XVI веков. Авторы проекта Л.В. Нерсесян и С.В.Обух. М. Северный паломник. 2008. №36.

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