Scenes from Gospels (Earthly Life of Christ)

Iconography:  Passion cycle, Selected holidays

Date: XV century. First quarter of the 15th c.

Iconographic school/art center:  Novgorod school

Origin: From the Church of Boris and Gleb in Plotniki, Novgorod.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 158 cm, width 128 cm

The icon depicts New Testament scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. A distinctive feature of this icon is that the scenes begin from the Baptism rather than from the Good News or the mid-Pentecost. Besides, more than half of the composition is dedicated to the Passion of Christ, the Twelve Feasts; miracles and other events are considerably less represented. And finally, the scenes are not depicted in historical sequence.

Inv. № 2181. © Novgorod State United Museum


Иконы Великого Новгорода XI- начала XVI веков. Авторы проекта Л.В. Нерсесян и С.В.Обух. М. Северный паломник. 2008. №20.

  • General view
  • Border panel 02. Marriage at Cana
  • Border panel 03. The resurrection of Jair’s daughter. Healing a Cripple
  • Border panel 04. Christ and the Samaritan woman. Healing of the blind
  • Border panel 08. The Last Supper
  • Border panel 09. The Foot washing
  • Border panel 11. The Arrest
  • Border panel 23. The Presentation of Jesus Christ to the myrr-bearers