Holy Virgin Hodegetria with St. Cyrus and St. Basil the Great

Iconography:  Holy Virgin Hodegetria

Date: XV century. The beginning of the 15th c.

Iconographic school/art center:  Pskov icon-painting school

Origin: From the Church of the Dormition in the village of Paromenye, Pskov.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 120 cm, width 94.5 cm

The icon of the Holy Virgin with the Child belongs to the classic Hodegetria iconographic type. The Virgin is portrayed almost frontally, her head is slightly inclined to the Child, but her gaze is directed at the viewer. The Virgin’s right hand is devotionally turned to the Child, royally seated upon her left hand. Her right hand is raised in two-fingers blessing and her right hand holds a scroll resting on the lap. In the right ear of the Holy Virgin is an earring. In the upper corner of the mullion, in two small medallions are half-figures of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, with hands wrapped in the vestment, devotionally look at the Virgin. In the upper parts of the side borders are saint patrons of the icon’s commissioners – the healer Cyrus and Basil the Great. Basil the Great is portrayed wearing a wine-colored phelonion and a red surplice, with Cyrus depicted as an unmercenary healer wearing a hython and a cloak, from under which hangs a healer’s apron resembling epitrachillion. His hands hold a stylo and a healer’s pyx. These iconographic features, rarely encountered in the depictions of St. Cyrus (he is normally portrayed wearing a monk’s clothing) emphasize his veneration as a healer. Above the saints’ figures are clear inscriptions “Кюръ“ and “Васили“

Inv. № 2853. © Novgorod State United Museum


Иконы Великого Новгорода XI- начала XVI веков. Авторы проекта Л.В. Нерсесян и С.В.Обух. М. Северный паломник. 2008. №96.

  • General view
  • Face of Holy Virgin
  • Face of the Child
  • St. Basil the Great
  • Cyrus, St.