Resurrection of Christ - The Descent into Hell

Iconography:  Resurrection – The Descent into Hell

Date: XIV century. First half of the 14th c.

Origin: From the Church of the Introduction of Our Lady, Tikhvin.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 81 cm, width 64 cm

In the center of the composition is a figure of Christ in a three-quarter turn, standing on the broken gates of hell, with a big cross in his right hand. He is flanked by two groups of characters depicted against symmetrical hills: to the right are the Old Testament kings and prophets David and Solomon with John the Baptist, to the right are the forefathers of mankind Adam and Eva with the righteous Abel.

Inv. № 7579. © Novgorod State United Museum


Иконы Великого Новгорода XI- начала XVI веков. Авторы проекта Л.В. Нерсесян и С.В.Обух. М. Северный паломник. 2008. №6.

  • General view
  • John the Baptist
  • Abel the Righteous
  • The forefathers of mankind Adam and Eva with Abel the Righteous