Boris and St. Gleb, St.

Iconography:  Boris, St. Prince Martyr (baptized as Roman), Gleb, St. Prince Martyr (baptized as David)

Date: XIV century. The last third of the 14th c.

Origin: From the Church of Boris and Gleb in Plotniki, Novgorod.

Material: Wood, tempera

Setting's material: Silver , basma

Dimensions:  height 116 cm, width 93 cm

Saint princes Boris and Gleb are represented as horsemen looking at each other and seemingly talking. On the icon the saints are endued with typical iconographic attributes: the crosses and swords are replaced with banners (pikes with flags). The icon preserved wrought silver setting.

Inv. № 7577. © Novgorod State United Museum


Иконы Великого Новгорода XI- начала XVI веков. Авторы проекта Л.В. Нерсесян и С.В.Обух. М. Северный паломник. 2008. №13.

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  • Prince Boris
  • Prince Gleb