Christ’s passage to the Calvary

Iconography:  Christ’s passage to the Calvary (the Way to Golgotha, the Carrying of the Cross)

Date: XV century. 1497

Iconographic school/art center:  The Rostov icon-painting school

Origin: The icon was formerly part of a festival row in the Cathederal of the Dormition in the St.Cyril – Belozersky monastery.

Material: Wood, levkas, tempera

Dimensions:  height 83,5 cm, width 65 cm

The icon depicts a scene from the Passion cycle showing Jesus Christ being led to the Golgotha, surrounded by the Mother of God and the myrrh-bearers. They are preceded by the soldiers escorting the condemned thieves carrying their own crosses. The icons show Symon of Cyrene helping Jesus Christ to carry the cross, he’s walking before Christ with the thieves.

Inv. № 186. © The Andrey Rublyov Museum of Medieval Russian Culture and Art


Музей древнерусского искусства имени Андрея Рублева. А.А.Салтыков. Ленинград.1989. Каталог. №39-40

  • General view
  • The myrrh-bearers and Christ
  • Лик Богородицы
  • A myrrh-bearer’s face
  • Soldiers’ figures
  • A soldier’s face