• Elijah the Prophet

    The half-length figure of St. Elijah holding an unfolded scroll.
  • Prophets Elijah and Elisha

    The icon from the prophet tier. Full-length figures of Prophets Solomon and Isaiah in a three-quarter turn, with scrolls in hands.
  • Elijah in the Wilderness with 26 border-scenes from his life

    The prophet standing before the Lord Sabaoth with a scroll in hand is portrayed in a three-quarter turn. The center of the icon is framed with a golden ornamental arc on small chiseled columns. The arc’s construction is reminiscent of a giant book head-piece or a magnificent carved portal of the Holy Gates. Side borders represent Bible scenes.
  • Elijah the Prophet

    The icon belongs to the half-length frontal images of Elijah the Prophet, widespread in the Russian iconography in late 14th – 16th centuries that were subsequently replaced with the icons of the Fiery Ascent. In the upper margin is an untypical image of the Savior Not Made with Hands. Elijah is shown wearing a pink-ochre chiton and two-color fur mantle. In his right hand Elijah is holding a scroll reading “Ревнуя и // поревновах // по Господе Бозе Все //(дер)жители”. This is a quotation from the Old Testament story about Elijah’s beating of the pagan prophets of Baal.
  • Prophet Elijah

    The Prophet is depicted waist-length. In his left hand he holds a scroll and in his right hand - a dagger.
  • Saint Nicholas with the selected saints

    The centerpiece shows the shoulder-length depiction of saint Nicholas against the red background. He is represented in a frontal pose in the attire of hierarch, dark ochroid phelonion with the hem decorated with pearls near collar and omophorion are partially visible. Borders of the icon represent Deesis and waist-length figures of the selected saints.
  • Elijah the Prophet

    The half-figure the saint is beautifully painted on a vertical board. The painting of the face, combining liquid ochre and reddening with bluish shading, was done by a very experienced iconographer. The ornamentality of the prophet’s beard locks, noted by the scholars, given some simplicity of the painting, indicates provincialism of its style, however, the elaborated details are so rhythmically perfect that the meaningfulness of this art method raises no doubts. And yet the icon was executed outside stationary workshop conditions, which can be seen from specific features of the board. The kovcheg is not deep, with one thin connected cut in the reverse side.
  • Forefather Melchizedek and the Prophet Elijah

    The two-tier icon from the forefathers-prophets’ row portraying the Forefather Melchizedek and the Prophet Elijah holding scrolls predicting the coming of Christ.
  • Selected Saints: prophet Elijah, saints Nicholas the Wonderworker, St. Basil the Great, martyr George.

    The icon depicts prophet Elijah, saints Nicholas the Wonderworker and Basil the Great, martyr George (below), martyrs and healers Florus and Laurus, martyrs Parasceva and Anastasia (above), interceding with the image of Our Lady of the Sign.
  • Prophet Elijah

    The icon from the Prophet row of iconostasis. The depiction of prophet Elijah in a three quarter turn holding the unfolded scroll in his hands.
  • Mother of God with the Divine Child and prophet Elijah

    The icon was sawn. Full-length depiction of the Mother of God with the Divine Child on Her bosom. To the right is the figure of prophet Elijah.
  • Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, with the Deesis tier and the Selected Saints

    In the centerpiece of the icon is depicted blessing saint Nicholas dressed as a bishop with the open Gospel book in his left hand.