• Our Lady enthroned with saints Nicholas and Clement

    The icon represents the Mother of God enthroned keeping the Divine Child close to her. She is flanked by saints Nicholas and Clement.
  • Clement of Rome, St.

    Waist-length depiction of the saint.
  • Mother of God enthroned with attending Sts. Nicholas and Clement

    The Mother of God is shown seated on a backless throne. Her figure, slightly turned to the right, is shown at a very complex angle, which can be seen from the position of her feet, ankles and shoulders. The Child is is portrayed in a frontal posed, seated on the left lap of the Holy Virgin. He blesses with his right hand he is blessing, and holds a white scroll in his left. The Mother of God extends her right hand to Christ in an adoration gesture, supporting His feet with her left hand. On either side of the throne, on a much smaller scale than the Mother of God with the Child, are full-length figures of Sts. Nicholas (left) and Clement (right). They are represented in three-quarter turns, in attending poses, with hands raised and extended to the Mother of God with the Child. In the upper corners of the composition are half-length figures of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker, St., with Clement and Blasius, Sts.

    Waist-length depiction of saint Nicholas with his hand raised in a gesture of blessing, holding the closed Gospel book in his left hand. To the right and to the left of his halo are represented half-figures of saints Clement and Blasius in the “iridescent” aureoles painted with three green color tones.
  • Selected Saints: Nicholas the Wonderworker, archdeacon Stephen, priest-martyrs Blasius and Clement.

    The icon depicts the full-length figures of the four saints: saint Nicholas, archdeacon Stephen, priest-martyrs Blasius and Clement, interceding with the image of Our Lady of the Sign. In the upper part of the composition to the right and to the left of the Mother of God are shown half-figures of martyresses Parasceva named “Friday” and Anastasia.