• Eulogy of the Most Holy Theotokos with the Acathistus (24 scenes).

    The centerpiece represents Virgin Mary enthroned, above her is Christ Emmanuel waist-length. She is surrounded by eleven Old Testament prophets with unfolded scrolls and attributes.
  • Our Lady of Tikhvin with 24 scenes of the Akathist

    The centerpiece of the icon shows the waist-length depiction of the Mother of God with the Child Jesus sitting Her left hand. The Divine Child turns to Our Lady, with His right hand raised up in a gesture of blessing and His left hand holding a scroll. The nude heel of Christ can be seen by the viewer. The depiction of Our Lady of Tikhvin is surrounded by the scenes illustrating the Akathist. 1. Worship of the icon “Holy Virgin Hodegetria” 2. The Annunciation at the well 3. Annunciation 4. Annunciation 5. Annunciation 6. Encounter of Mary and Elizabeth 7. The proofing of Joseph 8. The Mother of God and the maidens 9. The Nativity of Christ 10. The journey of the Magi 11. The Adoration of the Magi 12. The return of the Magi to Babylon 13. The flight into Egypt 14. The Presentation of Our Lord 15. Christ and the Apostles 16. The monks praying to the Mother of God 17. The Deesis 18. Christ in Majesty 19. Christ taken to the Calvary 20. Worship of the icon “Holy Virgin Hodegetria” 21. The Mother of God with the candle 22. The Descent into Hell with Christ tearing the sin records 23. Worship of the icon “Holy Virgin Hodegetria” in the Temple 24. The Mother of God and the orators