The icon of the Mother of God "O Mother All-Glorified" (Arabian) is an image representing Our Lady with the Divine Child. In this iconographic tradition the Mother of God holds the Divine Child attired in red clothes in both Her hands. His right hand touches the left shoulder of the Holy Virgin, His left hand is held out towards Her neck. His left hand and legs are uncovered. He sits with His right leg tucked under His body so that uncovered foot can be seen. The Mother of God slightly bowed Her head towards the Saviour, Their faces do not touch each other. The omophorion of Our Lady is decorated with the heads of the angels instead of the stars. Along the hemline of Her omophorion comes the edging with the text of the thirteenth kondak of the akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos printed on it: "О, Всепетая Мати, рождшая всех святых Святейшее Слово! Нынешнее приемши приношение, от всякия избави напасти всех, и будущия изми муки, о Тебе вопиющих: Аллилуиа, aллилуиа, aллилуиа". The cloth of the omophorion is decorated with the depictions of the clouds. Usually the Mother of God is represented to the left and the Divine Child - to the right. But the opposite hand view exists as well. Sometimes the head of Our Lady is decorated with the crown.

There are no historical evidences of this image. The earliest depiction of the Mother of God "O Mother All-Glorified" - the tracing of the Syisky original icon of the last quarter of the 17th century.

The icon is honored in September, 19 (6th of September according to the Old Style). 


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