• Ever Watchful Eye

    Against the background of the blossoming garden Christ is represented as an adolescent lying on the bed with eyes wide open. He is flanked by the Holy Virgin and the archangel. Above the bed are two angels with the instruments of Christ’s sufferings.
  • Unsleeping Eye of our Lord

    In the center of the icon, against the pastures of Heaven, is a couch on curved legs with balusters. On it there lies Christ Emmanuel portrayed with open eyes. To the left of the couch stands the Mother of God, to Her right is an angel holding the instruments of Passion – a lance and a stick with a sponge (their images are strongly stylized, being reminiscent of two rods with round, rhomb-shaped finials). In the top, in a segment of heaven is the Lord Sabaoth blessing with both hands, flanked by the moon and the sun. In the upper part of the icon is an inscription written in ornamental script: “Недреманное око Господа нашего Иисуса … воздремлет», ниже приписано «… [х] раня Израиля”
  • Ever-Watchful Eye

    In the centre of the composition is depicted Christ Emmanuel lying on the bed and sleeping with his eyes wide open. The Mother of God intercedes with Him. To His left are depicted the angels with the ripidia and the instruments of Christ’s sufferings. The composition unfolds against the background of the rampant flora symbolizing the paradise. The icon has a number of peculiarities: there is no mountain on it (where the Christ’s bed ought to be placed), and the depiction of the vault of heaven with the sun and the moon is also worth mentioning.
  • Unsleeping Eye of Our Lord

    A breast-length depiction Jesus Christ with hand resting under the head.