• Nicholas, St. with selected saints

    St. Nicholas is represented in an erect frontal pose, half-length, blessing with his right hand; in his right hand covered with a phelonion and an omophorion he holds a closed gospel book. In the upper margin, in the center, is the Ethimasia (the Prepared Throne). On either side of the Ethimasia are half-length depictions of the healers Cosmas and Damian. On side borders the saints are portrayed full-length, in three rows, by pairs. In the upper part of the icon are princes Boris (left) and Gleb (right). In their right hands they hold martyr’s crosses, in the left hands they hold up the swords in sheaths tangled with a baldric. In the middle of side borders are the martyrs Florus (left) and Laurus (right). In the bottom stand saint martyrs. Eudokia (left) and Domna (?) (right). In the bottom margin are the shoulder-length figures of Sts. Paraskeva (left?) and Photinia (right).
  • Our Lady of Tikhvin

    In the centerpiece is the figure of Our Lady of Tikhvin. In the upper field is the three-figured Deesis. On side margins are St. Bessarion the Wonderworker of Egypt and Ephraim of Antioch. In the bottom field are Tsarevich Dimitri, St. John of the Old Cave, St. Alexander Svirsky, the holy martyress Eudokia, the martyr Anisia of Thessaloniki.

  • Philipp, the Metropolitan of Moscow, St.

    A full-length depiction of Metropolitan Philipp with his hands spread apart: with his right hand he delivers a blessing and in his left holds a Gospel. The border panels feature the figures of the saints – Eudokia and Eutychius, the bishop of Constantinople. At the upper corner are two angels holding the Vernicle.