• Selected Saints Euphrosynus of Pskov, John the Theologian, Sabbas of Kryletsk, Sabbas of Serbia with 22 scenes of life of Sabbas of Kryletsk

    The icon shows four saints interceding with the image of the Holy Virgin Hodegetria. Border scenes: 1. The advent of the reverend Sabbas in Pskov 2. The advent of the reverend Sabbas in the Sneogorsky monastery. 3. The reverend Sabbas is welcomed by the brethren of the Snetogorsky monastery 4. The coming of the reverend Sabbas to the reverend Euphrosynus in the Eleazarovsky monastery on the Tolva river 5. The reverend Sabbas asks the reverend Euphrosynus to permit him hermitry. 6. The reverend Sabbas comes to the hermitage called Krylets where he builds a hut for himself 7. The reverend Sabbas teaches his disciples 8. The prince and his people come to the reverend Sabbas 9. The prince and the princess ask the reverend Sabbas for healing 10. The death of the reverend Sabbas 11. The entombment of the reverend Sabbas 12. The finding of the relics of the reverend Sabbas 13. The finding of the relics of the reverend Sabbas 14. The transfer of the relics of the reverend Sabbas 15. The miracle of the reverend Sabbas and the robbers 16. The healing the toothache of the elder Jonah 17. The healing of the boyar’s son Vasiliy Inkin of the demonic infirmity 18. The healing of the demon-possessed Nikita Krydin 19. The healing of the Novgorod prince Daniil Ioannovich (healing of Blasius) 20. The healing of the lame peasant Andrey Mikhnov 21. The healing of Cyril and Alexis of fever 22. The miracle of the rescuing the abode from the Lithuanian army