• Boris and Gleb, Sts., with scenes from their life

    The saints are represented full-length against the background of the landscape with scenes from their lives. They are facing the Savior, depicted in the quadrant, below which is a little depiction of the Trinity.
  • Princes Boris and Gleb, Sts., with scenes from the life of Vladimir, Boris and Gleb

    In the center two princes in princely fur-coats and hats are shown praying to the Holy Virgin, depicted above, in a segment of heaven. Despite the lack of a St. Prince Vladimir image in the central part of the Trinity Convent icon, its unique border scenes cycle represents itself the hagiography of Vladimir. Most of the border scenes are dedicated to his choice of faith, the baptism and wedding. One composition shows Svyatopolk the Accursed complotting the assassination of his brothers. Saint Boris and Gleb are shown only in four border scenes dedicated to their death. The hagiographic cycle of the Murom icon is a combination of two different cycles – the traditional hagiography of Boris and Gleb and, a rarer one, dedicated to the Conversion of Rus by Prince Vladimir.
  • Boris and Gleb, Sts, with scenes from their lives

    In the center of the icon are the full-length figures of the princes, slightly turned to each other, with crosses in the right hands and swords in the left ones. They are dressed in long light-green and dark-green dalmatics with belts. The dalmatics are decorated with stones and pearls.
  • Princes Vladimir, Boris and Gleb, with the Life of Boris and Gleb

    One of the rare examples of the depictions of Sts. Boris and Gleb representing them together with their father St. Prince Vladimir. The figures of the princes in the central part of the icon are static and representative. In contrast to the princes, the figures on the side borders are shown in motion. Border scenes 17. Prince Vladimir is handing a sword to Boris and sends him to battle with the Pechenegs. 18. The entombment of St. Prince Vladimir who died in his son’s absence 19. Svyatopolk gathers the citizens of Kiev (?) 20. Boris and his servant Georgy Ugrin are praying inside a tent in anticipation of death 21. Georgy Ugrin attempts to protect Prince Boris as the assassins burst into the tent 22. The murder of Prince Boris; his body is being carried to Kiev 23. Svyatopolk sends his servant to Gleb to tell him about his father’s illness 24. Prince Gleb heads for Kiev 25. The assassination of Gleb in a boat 26. Prince Gleb’s body is being placed between two logs 27. The transfer of the relics of Princes Boris and Gleb to Vyshgorod 28. The appearance of Boris and Gleb to monk Martin 29. Yaroslav’s battle with the troops of Svyatoslav the Accursed 30. Sick Prince Mstislav of Chernigov is being carried to the tomb of Boris and Gleb for healing 31. The miraculous healing from the relics of Boris and Gleb 32. The death of Svyatopols the Accursed
  • Saint princes Vladimir, Boris and Gleb with scenes from the lives of Boris and Gleb

    The centerpiece of the icon surrounded by the narrow ornamental frame shows prince Vladimir with interceding Boris and Gleb. Each of them is depicted in the fur coats covered with the intricate ornament. Vladimir is represented in the prince’s cap. His raised right hand holds the eight-pointed cross. Boris ad Gleb are shown with the uncovered heads and keeping the caps close to their chests with their elbows. The centerpiece is surrounded by sixteen life scenes.