• Theotokos the Embodiment

    In the central part of the icon is the half-length frontal figure of the Mother of God, with hands spread apart. On her breast is the half-figure of Christ Emmaneul, whose hands are raised in pontifical blessing (with both hands). The Mother of God is surrounded by the shining glory, composed of juxtaposed red squares with incurved sides and a green rhombus. Glorification of the Mother of God on the icon is emphasized by the figures of heavenly powers – seraphim and cherubs – on either side of Her shining glory.
  • Leontius, Isaiah and Ignatius, the Rostov saints

    Saints Isaiah, Leontius and Ignatius are represented frontally, full-length, in the Episcopal vestments. In their hands they are holding the Gospel books with the scarlet edges and casings decorated with the precious gems. Above the figures of the saints is represented the quadrant with the half-figure of the Mother of God “the Incarnation”.
  • Mother of God with the Divine Child and prophet Elijah

    The icon was sawn. Full-length depiction of the Mother of God with the Divine Child on Her bosom. To the right is the figure of prophet Elijah.