• Upon Thy Right Hand Did Stand The Queen

    The Mother of God attired in the clothing of the tsarina with the tippet and the wreath of the tsarina is represented interceding with Christ enthroned also shown in the clothing of the tsar with the rod and the wreath with the pendants. Above the imperial clothing comes the omophorion and Christ holds the Gospel book in His left hand. To the right of Jesus is represented John the Baptist “as the best man of the groom” with the scroll in his hand. This icon dates back to the icon from the Dormition cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. Distinctive features of the icon: Christ is represented without the stick of the archiereus and the Mother of God – without the scepter and Her headwear is different. The text on the scroll of John the Baptist corresponding to the symbols of iconography («Имеяй невесту жених есть, а друг женихов стоя и слыша») is replaced by another one typical for the Deesis compositions. Behind the throne are depicted archangels Michael and Gabriel. The saint and the reverend kneel down at Christ’s feet, probably it is Sabbas, archbishop of Serbia, and Euphrosynus of Pskov.